“Any color, anywhere, every time!"

Why Fast & Fluid

In our technology-driven world, where possibilities, wishes and demands continuously evolve, we are passionate to find room and improve. Because our team knows, that when we add up all details, we can make a difference. For our clients, for their customers.

Only human

Our culture is open and transparent. When you aim to be the best, you also have to be willing to show your vulnerability. Our highly automated company is only human. By challenging the status quo, we might make mistakes. But we will also learn from them. Both success and failure fuel progress.

Co-creation is building trust

We share many interests with our clients. One of them is the passion to improve, fueled by mutual insights. We encourage our customers to engage with our team of marketers, researchers and engineers.

When we trust each other with trends, relevant progress will be the reward. Fast & Fluid fosters ambition and transparency. In order to gain genuine insights and understanding, we encourage to collaborate closely with all stakeholders. This includes our customers.

The GA480, designed by you

The power of co-creation is well displayed with the newly launched GA480 mixer. Through many 'voice-of-customer’- sessions', we gained insights and focus for improvements.

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IDEX Company

Earning trust is about living up to expectations. As an IDEX company, we guarantee financial stability, strong company ethics, and compliance to international standards.

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Clean-cut industrial design

Our development, production and assembly processes follow carefully set procedures. No component enters the next phase of the production process without extensive quality control.  We manufacture all critical components in-house. 

Throughout the years, we have patented numerous innovations. They translate into a strong base for smart improvements, as we don’t need to work around technological barriers. Fast & Fluid delivers robust, clean-cut and award-winning design, ensuring the best user experience.

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We're Certified

As the outright market leader Fast & Fluid aims to lead the way in innovation, sustainability and service. This means that all our machinery and products are developed and manufactured under stringent safety rules and according to the highest technical specifications.

CE certificate

All machines that are sold within the European community are thoroughly tested by an external independent, registered company and carry the CE certificate. 

ISO certificate

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our company is designed to respond to the latest trends and is compatible with other management systems such as ISO 14001.

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Six Sigma

The Six Sigma method of doing business (Critical to Customer) allows our company to strive for the utmost in quality products and services.

Globally yours

We've been the international market leader for over 30 years now. We're globally present and globally yours. Wherever you are, our dedicated account manager will be at your service.

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