Always wanted to know what your dispenser has been up to? Now you can!
Published on: 10 November 2020 Written by: Margriet van Dijk

The latest release of Drivers & Tools gives you even more control over your dispenser. We’ve added a new feature on our service dashboard called ‘Timeline’, which shows a range of dispenser activities in chronological order.

You can download the new version of D&T 4.6.20282 at

The timeline shows the following key dispenser activities:

  • Dispenses (volumetric & gravimetric)
  • Errors
  • Purges
  • Refills

Our design engineers are looking at expanding these options in the future. So, if you have any ideas for registered actions you’d like to have added to the list, please contact your sales manager.


Using the timeline

To access the timeline, open the dashboard and click on the Timeline button. The timeline is also available in the standalone dashboard version. You will see the following screen:

The window is divided into two parts:

-      Timeline
A list of events in order of datetime and filtered based on your selection on the right.

-      Display

Here you can filter the timeline, for example by selecting to see only the errors from the previous four weeks.