ECS 2019 Review

Published on: 16 May 2019
Written by: Product Management
ECS 2019 Review

We look back with pride at another successful European Coatings Show. It’s special to spend three days together with an entire team and to have inspirational talks with our customers. We hope our visitors went home with the same positive feeling after dropping by the Fast & Fluid stand!

The presentations at our stand had the central theme Today – Tomorrow – Together, where “Together” is the interlinking factor in everything we do to deliver the right products today and tomorrow. Collaborating closely with our customers is where it all starts when developing new products, so we are very grateful for their continued input. It enables us to create products that meet the needs of today and tomorrow, and that excel in technology, user-friendliness and serviceability.

You can see these future-proof solutions already today, for instance in the Harbil Series and the X-SERIES. Our aim is to keep working together with our customers on new developments for tomorrow. Developments where internet will play an increasingly important role. And what are the expectations in the area of colorant management?

These topics and more will be covered in this review of the ECS.

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