GX300: Up your mixing game with refined features

Published on: 14 February 2022
Written by: Marketing Communications
GX300: Up your mixing game with refined features

Growth in the paint and coating industry is expected to jump from $150 billion to over $217* billion by 2028. Businesses are gearing up for high growth anticipation by investing in future-ready tinting technologies. There is an immediate need to increase productivity, deliver a higher level of profitability, and reduce risks associated with manual mixing. We at FFM Asia understand your need to achieve consistency and accuracy for a seamless experience. That’s why we value co-creating innovative solutions with you — our customers. This collaborative approach has inspired us to incorporate product improvements in our GX300 automatic mixer.

GX300 – The new and improved smart mixer

We have collected valuable customer feedback following the launch of GX300 last year. In response, we have implemented several product refinements such as Firmware update for multiple can mixing mode and Keyhole on the front panel. Our team has been working on additional improvements, including an on/off switch, a stronger door lock, and rat-proof mesh.

New Firmware: The new Firmware (V.321.3) enables multiple can mixing at once. This extra feature allows operators to select a ‘Multi Can’ mode, which adapts clamping and speed settings for enhanced reliability and productivity. To activate this function, press the program button ‘P’ and the mixer will switch to normal mode as soon as the mixing is complete. Ensure that all cans are of the same height for smooth operation.

Keyhole: We have added a keyhole to the front panel to allow operators access to the door lock to elevate user safety. This will help you open the mixer in case of power or door lock failure. The serial number of the machine with this feature begins with 3000951F.


Upcoming features

Door lock improvement: To strengthen the door, we plan to introduce a two-lock system. A retrofit kit will also be offered to those who would like to add this feature to the existing fleet.

GX300 Double Lock

Rat-entry restrictor: In an effort to prevent rodent damage and save on maintenance costs, a rat-proof mesh will be added to the bottom of the mixer barrel.GX300 Rat Entry Restrictor

On/Off switch: For improved user control and ease of operation, our team will incorporate a new switch on the body of the mixer.

GX300 ON-OFF Switch

As a result of our customer-centric innovation, we at Fast & Fluid Management Asia have developed product enhancements to remove inconsistencies in color matching and mixing while ensuring operational efficiency.

Optimize performance and increase profitability with GX300 automatic mixer. Find out more.

*based on industry report






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