Harbil: a flexible platform for industrial and deco segments

Published on: 27 October 2021
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Harbil: a flexible platform for industrial and deco segments

Are you looking to expand your paint tinting options with a dispenser that’s at home in every retail or industrial environment? Whatever you need, the Harbil dispenser platform of Fast & Fluid always offers a flexible solution.

A Harbil dispenser for every segment
You’ll find Fast & Fluid dispensers, mixers and shakers across all market segments; at your DIY retailers and paint wholesalers through to large depots for decorative paints (e.g. office buildings) and even specialist industrial applications. Each segment has specific needs – think of high vs. low volume, abrasive vs. non-abrasive colorants, drum vs. sample dispensing. And despite the contrasts, we’ve incorporated some very innovative applications in our machines that allow them to perform well in retail and in industry.

A wide variety of choice in pump sizes
The flexibility of the Harbil platform is represented in its 3 models: the HA180, HA480 and HA680 dispensers. A model for every market segment. Besides the many commonalities in all models, for instance the minimal service that is required thanks to the patented Harbil ZeroPurge technology, there are differences to make each model more suitable for specific market segments.
Take the various dispense pump capacities on each model. The pumps are available in different types and sizes to suit specific applications. There is a 29 ml and 55 ml pump that’s ideal for POS or LAB dispensing purposes, and then we have the 100 ml and 300ml pumps for high-volume and high-speed dispensing in industrial applications.

Different canisters for each market or application
And there are other features that make the Harbil platform so versatile. Depending on the paint application, end-user requirements or market specifications, the configuration of the number of canisters, as well as the size and material can be of vital importance. There are multiple table configurations with between 12 and 36 canisters, plus canister sizes ranging from 2 to 20 L in steel and polymeric. We’ve listed all the possibilities for you below.

But there’s more. Numerous options and accessories are available to further customize your machine to match your needs. One of the most popular is of course the monitor keyboard arm, but a can positioning light is another very useful feature. It points the operator to exactly where the dispensing point of the machine is so the paint can is positioned directly underneath.

For more options and solutions, please contact our local sales representative.

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