How good is the GA480?

Published on: 17 January 2017
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How good is the GA480?

The launch of the GA480 mixer in 2016 has been a great success. Now, six months on, we want to hear what our customers think of the machine’s innovations and efficiency. Does it really mix to the max?

In this newsletter we’ll also talk about possible customized options, how to download and use the latest FFM Maintenance application and other useful mixing news. And if you want to see a live demo? We’d love to see you at the ECS 2017 in Nuremberg this year.

The future of mixing is now
We were interested to know how our most innovative and revolutionary automatic mixer to date, the GA480, is shaping up in the paint market. And the best way to find out? By asking the people who use it every day.

With more than 400 mixers sold up until January 2017, the GA480 proves that today´s paint industry is ready for the future in mixing. Here are just some customer views:

Guillaume Berud, RedMatt, General Manager – “Efficient and built to last”
“RedMatt service engineers’ team tested the brand new GA480. And all promises were kept! From a practical standpoint, the mixer is very efficient, mainly due to the automatic speed adjustment option. Mechanically it seems really easy to maintain and definitely built to last.”

Sutherland paint wholesalers – “We call her Maxine”
“We really love the GA480 here at Sutherland. So much so that Stuart, who uses it every day, has named it Maxine. He especially likes the Auto buttons, which make the machine very simple to use and the mixer has worked perfectly since being installed.”

Other topics in this newsletter:

  • Be proactively in control of your mixer with FFM maintenance 2.1
  • GA480 optional sliding door for added efficiency
  • 1000th frame for the GA mixers delivered
  • Redesigned pallet for effortless unloading of your GA350 or GA480
  • GA450 no longer in production

Read all about it right here, with helpful links and images, and please don’t hesitate to contact your local Fast & Fluid representative if you would like to find out more.

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