Invest in our planet through green initiatives

Published on: 21 April 2022
Written by: Marketing Communications
Invest in our planet through green initiatives

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The increasing impact of climate change and pollution is disastrous for the stability of our ecological balance. It’s time we protect our earth and enable the well-being of humanity. With the vast amount of resources exhausted from our planet and the ecosystem altered adversely, we need to take action soon before it’s too late.

We at FFM Asia value co-creating resilient technology with our customers sustainably for environmental and operational stability. On Earth Day, 22 April 2022, we pledge to invest in our planet by strengthening our green initiatives.

As the industry moves towards reducing its carbon footprint, we are committed to implementing product and service innovations that drastically minimize wastage and power consumption.

Here’s how we promote eco-conscious practices at FFM Asia

  • Smart purge: It allows dispensers to choose colorants not used for a certain period, such as 24 hours, and purges from selected pumps to reduce paint wastage.
  • Solar energy: Six hours of sunshine brings down the required load of 600 WHr for our dispensers to 75 W — boosting energy efficiency
  • Low power consumption: Our flagship X-Series dispensers limit power consumption to a maximum of 75 Watts — equivalent to the energy consumed by an ordinary ceiling fan.
  • Recycle packaging material: The switch to polypropylene boxes, reusable packaging, and pallets to cut down on material wastage.
  • Recycled paper fillers: We will soon start using recycled paper instead of plastic fillers in our packaging to eliminate unnecessary plastic usage.
  • QR codes: Easy and quick access to product information with a simple scan lowers the need for paper.

Our R&D team continues to explore opportunities that allow us to follow a sustainability-first approach to developing dynamic tinting solutions.

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