Published on: 20 October 2023
Written by: Marketing Communications

Enter the X-PROTINT XL — the ultimate automatic dispenser that offers high performance, reliability, and simplicity. Say goodbye to operational complexity and maintenance headaches with its user-friendly interface and ready-to-use design that ensure easy installation with minimal training. Additionally, the compact size saves space and reduces transport costs, making it suitable for any outlet.

The X-PROTINT XL also boasts impressive versatility, capable of handling various colorants with precision through its proven piston pump and AutoDrive™ technologies. Its tubeless design and pulsating valves prevent leaks. Moreover, the active nozzle closure effortlessly eliminates clogging, ensuring a clean and reliable dispensing process. This allows you to consistently provide high-quality tinting solutions, both now and in the future.

Why choose X-PROTINT XL?

  1. Great Compatibility: Ensure seamless compatibility with most formula books by utilizing the X-PROTINT XL with 24 canisters (9×1.3 L + 12×2.3L + 3×4.6L) or 32 canisters (16×1.3 L + 16×2.3L), enabling you to deliver more products and options to your customers
  2. Consistent and Precise Dispensing: Maximize your tinting capabilities with higher accuracy and reproducibility of shades through one-time calibration
  3. Built on Proven Technology: Boast reliable performance with the X-PROTINT XL, featuring a proven piston pump, tubeless design, and active nozzle closure
  4. High Performance: Excel in small to medium turnover point of sales with up to 0.5 L per minute dispensing of the X-PROTINT XL
  5. Ease of Use: Simplify tinting operations with its user-friendly controls, eliminating the need for extensive training and enabling quick startup
  6. Safety and Reliability: Turntable speed reduction when the door is open
  7. Low Maintenance: Enjoy low-level maintenance with only purge and brush cleaning required, saving time and effort for your team

Embrace the future of tinting technology

The X-PROTINT XL is not just a tinting machine. It is a solution designed to scale business operations, reduce downtime, and ensure consistent quality output, all while prioritizing operator safety. Elevate your tinting business to new heights with this cutting-edge automatic dispenser today!

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