Technical Insights (May 2017)
Published on: 8 May 2017 Written by: Product Management

In our vision of continuously innovating for optimal performance and user convenience, our engineers have made changes to various mixers (GA 350/480), shakers (SK350 & SK550 1.1) and dispensers (HA450/650 & HP500/800).

Topics in this newsletter:

SK350 & SK550 1.1 SHAKERS

  • Modifications for simpler and user-friendly transport
  • Improvements to stainless steel plate and pulley
  • Lower door switch change (SK550 1.1)

GA480 & GA350 MIXERS

  • Optional sliding door for your GA480
  • New 4-way accessible pallet
  • FFM Maintenance 2.1 (GA480 and SK550 1.1)


  • HP500/800: firmware update
  • HA450/650: added monitor/keyboard bracket

Read all about it right here, with helpful links and images, and please don’t hesitate to contact your local Fast & Fluid representative if you would like to find out more.

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