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AccuSmart 9500 automatic paint dispenser - Dispensers

  • 4.43 l/min Max Flow Rate
  • 5-Color Simultaneous Dispensing
  • Helpful 19 liter Conveyor

The AccuSmart Series is the latest in dispensing innovation from Fluid Management. The AccuSmart 9500’s DPI™ nozzle technology reduces the need for daily picking and purging, advanced diagnostics and IoT capability assist machine maintenance to increase uptime, and improved ergonomics and efficiency tools optimize operator experience and increase productivity.


  • Reduced Daily Picking and Purging
  • Bright LED Array for Quick and Easy Alignment
  • Removable 5-Gallon Conveyor shelf and 1-Gallon Slide Shelf
  • 50% Lower Power Consumption
  • Enhanced Remote Support and Advanced Diagnostics
  • IoT Ready
  • Optimized Canister Layout
  • Individually Programmable Agitation Frequency

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Future-proof technology

DVX® pump technology puts AccuSmart dispensers head and shoulders above the rest. The IDEX family of companies designs pumps for medical, fire, and rescue applications, where lives depend on accuracy and reliability. We combined that know-how with stainless steel strength to deliver unparalleled accuracy, steadier calibration, and long-lasting durability.

To give you a better insight please watch the animation of the piston pump.

What makes us different

  • Proprietary DVX® technology that provides unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and speed
  • Steadiest calibration in the industry
  • Self-serviceability with online tutorials and other help
  • Ultra-low maintenance
  • Broad service network to minimize downtime

Technical data


  • Automatic simultaneous
  • Dispensing: Simultaneous dispense – 5 colorants at a time
  • Colorants: Universal, Water based, Organic


  • 16 (Max)
  • Capacity: 19l / 11l / 6l / 4l canisters available to meet your needs


  • Pumping system: DVX® Technology - no valves
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 4.43 l/min
  • 0.038 ml minimum dispense (colorant dependent)

Nozzle Closure

  • Patented “No Dry” Dew Point Intelligent (DPI™) nozzle control system

Dimension & weight

  • Without Accessories: HWD 112cm x 115cm x 110cm
  • With Accessories: HWD 132cm x 115cm x 110cm
  • Machine Weight (Empty): 200kg +40kg with conveyor

Power supply & safety

  • 120 - 220V ±10%
  • cULus, CE, FCC


  • ColorPro software to assist in running paint department. Different options available
  • IDEX Dispenser Driver – accompanies customer-designed in-house software programs to interact with dispenser