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GX300 automatic mixer - Shakers & Mixers

  • Intelligent mixing
  • Fast clamping
  • Faster diagnostics

The GX300 is a very fast, high performance and intelligent automatic mixer. Its preset buttons, simple display, and user interface provide ease of operations that makes the life of the user easy. Its intelligent feature automatically secures maximum speed with pre-set mixing time.

The variable speed with the improved clamping speed and the dynamic balance offers a very reliable mixer. The GX300 is future-ready and can be connected to the PC of a paint dispenser enabling you to easily obtain a clear overview of machine status and usage.


  • Fully automatic clamping
  • Intelligent mixing
  • 7-segment LED display
  • Dedicated control on clamp unit
  • Dynamic balance
  • Fully extractable loading plate
  • Multiple speeds up to 230 rpm
  • 38 cm bottom plate diameter
  • Up to 40 kg; can height 8-40 cm
  • HWD 101 x 82 x 87 (84) cm
This product is not available in Europe.

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Technical data


  • Medium and high volume paint turnover

Can specs

  • Max. product weight: 40 kg
  • Min. height: 80 mm
  • Max. height: 400 mm
  • Plate diameter: 380 mm
  • Suitable for oval cans
  • Mixing of multiple cans possible

Footprint & weight

  • Net HWD: 103 x 84 x 82 cm
  • Weight: 215 kg


  • Automatic, dedicated control


  • Rotating swing door (to be mounted left or right)
  • Sliding door optional
  • Loading plate fully extractable
  • Cradle stops automatically at unloading position
  • Display user interface: 7-segment LED with programmable pre-set buttons
  • Variable speed (slow start), between 230 and 100 rpm, dynamic balance


  • Removable top cover and back panel
  • Splash guard to protect from paint spillage, replaceable rubber on bottom clamp plate, possible service control via FFM Maintenance and/or display, USB port on PCB
  • 750 Watt AC motor


  • Wheels and feet at bottom, built-in loading ramp
  • Power supply:
    230V-50 / 60Hz or 115V / 60Hz
    Voltage adjustment at order


When you order accessories, they allow you to personalize your machine to your specifications. Accessories are supplied separately with your machine and have to be mounted during or after the installation.

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