Achieving customer satisfaction by delivering on time

Published on: 27 October 2022
Written by: Marketing Communications
Achieving customer satisfaction by delivering on time

Serving our customers is always at the heart of everything we do. It’s number one on our list of priorities. And one of the ways to ensure customer satisfaction is to deliver on time, every time. On-time deliveries are crucial for all our customer orders — irrespective of type, size, or price. To that effect, we continually monitor, improvise, and streamline our supply chain so that we gain best-in-market lead times and on-time performance.

Trust, team, excellence — IDEX values we swear by

As an organization built on the principles of collaboration and growth, we believe that the IDEX differentiator is driven by our exceptional staff, unrivaled skills, and trust gained over the years.

Making and honoring commitments is the first step toward building trust — one of the many fundamental IDEX values. This especially holds true for our on-time delivery promise. To ensure we earn the trust of our customers, we make certain that all orders and queries are handled promptly, efficiently, and with utmost dedication. We streamline our business processes to deliver our goods and services on time and with best-in-class quality.

While there are several methods of measuring on-time delivery performance, we assess ours in relation to both the customer’s requested dates and those promised by us. This way, if the customer’s date is not feasible, we commit to a date as best we can — and always fulfill it.

Gaining supply chain resilience

No matter the number of roadblocks we face in our supply chain, we always overcome them with a positive mindset. Our measures include localization, implementation of a dual supplier strategy, design adjustments depending on the availability of alternatives, faster shipping methods, global collaboration with business units to make the most of materials available, and so on. Doing our best internally in a challenging external environment has always been a key driving factor.

A journey of improvement, innovation, and inspiration

To increase material availability, data processing for internal use, and automated information to customers, we have expedited the use of technology and implemented software and online services. We are one of IDEX’s early users of cutting-edge digital solutions to boost our operational efficiency.

We excessively focus on daily operations and continuous improvement as they are essential for growth. As a result, our productivity has increased year over year, expanding our business capacity and enabling us to exercise flexibility when it comes to fluctuating customer demands.

By efficiently mapping our present transactional processes, finding areas with room for improvement, and allocating specialized personnel to handle these areas, we have managed to enhance our response time unlike ever before.

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