Make a splash with the internet of tinting

Published on: 04 August 2022
Written by: Marketing Communications
Make a splash with the internet of tinting

Digital transformation is the engine that drives smart business decisions. It gives you a broader perspective of your organization and lets you see things in new ways, helping you deliver on market promises.  It enhances customer experiences, streamlines business processes, and increases operational efficiency. The paint industry has embraced this paradigm shift. Many businesses are now using cloud software — which provides everything companies need to boost sales and service. However, the software installation and configuration are complicated and time-consuming — a massive roadblock in the adoption of tinting technology. We at FFM Asia are constantly working to improve our tinting machines  — we are also aware that customers need a convenient and easy way to access them. That’s why we developed our mobile dispensing software — PrismaRT.

Always one step ahead


Mobile dispensing is a game changer — it is cloud-based and wireless, offering you the ability to function remotely. Our PrismaRT mobile tinting application is compatible with X-Series dispensers and is easy to use. You can set up in just minutes.

A quick, single-view of your process enables fast decisions to maintain consistent results. It effectively replaces  PC and accessories with no licenses required. You also get instant access to the latest software development and updates and deployment to the whole fleet.




  • Low TCO: No need for PC and accessories — no licenses required
  • Instant access and quick management: Instant access to the latest software development, and updates along with easy deployment for the entire fleet
  • Time-saving: Easy plug-and-play installation, technicians can focus on preventive maintenance
  • Double benefit: Twin apps designed for different purposes. PrismaRT serves as a mobile formula book app for POS/machine operators. PrismaRT service helps technicians to update IDD configuration and UIDD
  • Greater efficiency: Easier and enhanced formulas updates, and export dispensed data from the cloud
  • Android support: Supports all android phones with version 6 or above

PrismaRT allows users to easily update formulas at the point of sale and retrieve dispense history data. You can even view prices and taxes, and print labels through WiFi. It also supports additional four languages (Thai, Malay, Indonesian, and Vietnamese) for ease of operations. The secure server helps you download the database, export and sync history, and access customer and POS information on your mobile.

Amplify your customer experience with Fast & Fluid Management Asia — the global leader in paint dispensers, mixers, and shakers. Our customer-centric innovation is designed to take your business to the next level.


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