Need a sturdy and efficient tinting solution?

Published on: 01 April 2022
Written by: Marketing Communications
Need a sturdy and efficient tinting solution?

Unbox and get started right away with X-SMART PRO

The slightest variation in color performance hampers your customer experience. Shade inaccuracies are often a result of poorly maintained tinting machines. Leaky nozzles and paint build-up in canisters hinder your daily tinting needs, affecting productivity and customer satisfaction.

Choosing the ideal tinting machine gives you the competitive edge and flexibility to scale on demand. Before you invest in a new dispenser, evaluate your customer priorities and business outcomes — it enables you to pick a cost-effective solution that resolves unique tinting challenges.

X-SMART PRO: Tint it efficiently

X-SMART PRO is an automatic sequential dispenser with a 16 canister configuration — compatible with universal and water-based colorants. The sturdy metal body is robust and built to withstand harsh conditions. It is also flood resistant up to 40 cm. Its small footprint makes it an ideal fit for POS such as hardware shops, paint stores, or showrooms.
Built with proven technology, X-SMART PRO is accurate, consistent, and reliable. Unbox and use right away without any assembly, thanks to its ergonomic design.

The patented piston pump canisters are available in 2.25 L and 1.5 L sizes, allowing you to handle variable volumes with high performance. Easy mobility and active nozzle closure reduce wastage and maintenance costs.

Its operational simplicity with adjustable can shelf, optical sensor, UPS storage space, and mobile tinting access provide consistent and uninterrupted productivity. The intuitive user interface gives easy formula updates to keep your POS up to date.

X-SMART PRO dispensers distributed through local channel partners offer fast delivery and quick servicing. Experience superior color results with quick start-up enabling you to be market-ready every day.


● Compact size and easy mobility
● Ready-to-use out of the packaging
● Minimal operator training
● Flood resistant (up to 40cm)
● Mobile tinting with PrismaRT app
● Low maintenance

Fast & Fluid Management Asia develops disruptive paint tinting innovations to create sustainable business value and service quality. We co-create robust paint dispensers, mixers, and shakers for decorative and architectural applications.

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