New accessory for HA180: Monitor Arm

Published on: 04 January 2021
Written by: Marketing Communications
New accessory for HA180: Monitor Arm

One of the space-saving solutions of our HA180 is the tabletop feature, allowing a monitor to be placed on top of the dispenser.

Security and flexibility
We received customer feedback asking if the monitor could in some way be secured to the machine, to avoid it accidentally being knocked over. At the same time, the customer asked for some flexibility to move the monitor left or right.

We are pleased to present the HA180 monitor arm as a solution for both requests. The monitor arm is a swivel arm that is mounted on the back of the dispenser using a bracket, placed either on the left or the right. The monitor is then fixed to the arm, which the operator can easily reposition to work comfortably.

New: Universal installation guide
Whether you’re located in Italy, India or Indonesia, our redesigned installation guide for the monitor arm uses pictograms instead of words. No more thick booklets in 27 different languages of which you only need one, but a compact manual that everyone understands.

No matter what language you use at the workplace, the new-style installation guide, which we plan to use for as many installation guides as possible, is your helping hand every step of the way.

Download the installation guide here.

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