No more mistints with new AutoDrive on X-PROTINT

Published on: 18 June 2019
Written by: Product Management
No more mistints with new AutoDrive on X-PROTINT

The release of firmware version 2.04.9 on the X-PROTINT marks the introduction of the AutoDrive. All X-PROTINT’s, delivered from week 17 onwards, will feature the AutoDrive for ultimate dispense speed and prevents mistints showing ‘stepper not home’ errors.

How does the AutoDrive give you better dispense results?

Colorants can change over time because of temperature differences, or the viscosity can change due to low usage, etc. The answer used to be slowing down the dispense speed for all colorants. Not anymore with the AutoDrive, which detects difficult colorants and adjusts the speed where necessary. This technique has already proven itself in the Harbil 480.

How does the AutoDrive technically work?
Where can I find the results?
What about my machines in the field?

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