Technical Insights (May 2013)

Published on: 12 May 2013
Written by: Product Management
Technical Insights (May 2013)

Read in this newsletter about our Hercules mixer and spare parts for the S35a/SO40a.

New Hercules doorlock
The design of the new Hercules door lock is based on the solid GA450 door lock.
As from 1 May all Hercules machines (serial number 928526) will be equipped with this new door lock, which makes incorrect use less likely.

The new doorlock is retroffitable and available as a spare part, number:1817406-SP.
This spare part also includes a manual which describes how to mount the lock onto the machine.

Production Processor powerboard S35a/SO40a discontinued
The production of the processor on the powerboard of the S35a/SO40a has stopped at Texas Instruments USA and is not available anymore.

The following partnumbers are no longer available:

– 1860733-SP Processor, SO-40/35
– 1860734-SP Processor, SX-40a
– 1860746-SP PCB, A, Clamp, S-35a/40, with proc

The powerboard itself (1860707 Board, autoclamp, S-35a) is still available, and if only the board is defective, you can replace it and put the processor into the new board.

Parts return form
Fast & Fluid Management will send a Parts Return Form with every shipment of spare parts these coming months. This form must be used for returning shipments of damaged or wrong parts. After completing the form, please send it by e-mail to The form (or a copy) needs to be included in the return shipment to Fast & Fluid Management, as mentioned on the form.
To view the parts return form here.

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