Why 'Smart' Automatic Mixers could be the future of your business

Published on: 01 September 2021
Written by: Marketing Communications
Why 'Smart' Automatic Mixers could be the future of your business

Maintain a competitive edge with cutting-edge automation

Paints and coatings are the first line of defense against weathering. The increasing demand for advanced paint technologies is a testament to businesses trying to match pace with evolving customer expectations and service standards.

Eliminating the risks of mis-adjustments by manual operators to achieve consistency and accuracy is a tedious task. Exposure to toxic chemicals and potential expensive errors are challenges that hinder your growth prospects.

Switching to automatic smart mixers allows you to work efficiently, increase productivity, and reduce the risk of injury at a fraction of the cost of replacing your current equipment.

Transform your business with flexible and agile mixers engineered to ensure high performance and operational ease. Each revolutionary feature, crafted with diligent attention to detail through extensive R&D, optimizes your scalability and profitability.

Get the smart advantage

A responsive and intuitive paint mixing solution that overcomes the limitations of manual methods through smart-tech intelligence and user-friendly simplicity.

  • Intelligent Mixing: Automatically determines optimum mixing speed and time
  • Fastest clamp speed: Clamping in half the normal time
  • Faster Diagnostics: Remotely accessible and low maintenance
  • Dynamic Balance: Stability and safety
  • Easy-to-Operate Interface: Clear overview on machine status and usage

Now, enable your business to deliver accurate colors seamlessly with a significantly lower total cost of ownership.

Through customer-centric innovation, we at Fast & Fluid Management Asia have developed an intelligent mixer to improve the efficiency of color mixing for decorative and architectural applications. We have removed the inconsistencies in color matching and mixing to give you our latest offering GX300 Automatic Mixer.

GX300 incorporates a host of new-age features such as intelligent mixing, dynamic balance, easy-to-operate interface, multi-can mode, and emergency stop switch.

Discover our range of automatic mixers to future-proof your business and win the marketplace. Visit our website asia.fast-fluid.com to know more.





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