X-PROTINT XL Automatic Paint Dispenser - Expand your color portfolio

Looking to offer a wide range of colors to your customers? X-PROTINT XL automatic dispenser is the perfect tinting solution for you. This sequential dispenser gives you real performance and high throughput - making it an ideal investment for your business.

X-PROTINT XL is compatible with universal, solvent, and water-based colorants. With a maximum of 32 click-on-click-off canisters, you get accurate and reproducible tinting output. Our patented stirrer design, powerful piston pump, and AutoDriveTM technologies ensure consistent color performance. The active nozzle closure prevents leakage and requires a simple purge and brush cleaning. The sturdy and compact body is easy to transport and is ready to use out of the packaging. Its operational simplicity, in-built safety features, and reduced power consumption enhance productivity with the lowest TCO in the segment. Mobile tinting with PrismaRT app allows you easy access and control. Amplify your customer experience with Fast & Fluid Management Asia — the global leader in paint dispensers, mixers, and shakers. Our customer-centric innovation is designed to take your business to the next level. Visit asia.fast-fluid.com to explore our range of intuitive paint technologies.

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