Blendorama Series III - your perfect tinting partner

The new standard for trouble-free tinting is here. The Blendorama Series III automatic dispenser with its compact, lightweight, and tabletop design elevates your customer's experience with its power-packed features. This robust machine is easy to install and operate without constant attention and operator training.

The proven piston pump technology and tubeless design prevents rodent damage — enhancing the durability and performance of the dispenser. Its active nozzle closure ensures zero leakage making it an ideal investment for your business.

You get better tint conditioning and enhanced accuracy with the latest dynamic stirring and innovative nozzle design. The customizable wrap gives you 360° branding exposure making marketing simple. Blendorama Series III is a future-ready product with internet connectivity and smart software integration for desktop and mobile tinting. With the lowest TCO in the segment, you get consistent peak performance.

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