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Defined by a passion for perfection

Fast & Fluid Management Asia develops disruptive paint tinting innovations to create sustainable business value with consistent service quality. We design, build and support to deliver a seamless experience with future-proof paint dispensers, mixers, and shakers. Our customer-centric innovation enables high performance with accuracy and precision. With over 30 years of unwavering commitment, we have developed intuitive tinting solutions for decorative and architectural applications. With worldwide sales and service in over 60 countries, we understand the need for reliability and durability to meet evolving market demands and expectations. Our patented technology aims for high performance with superior quality control and enhanced user experience. Acquired in 1996 by IDEX, Fast & Fluid Management continues to pioneer state-of-the-art machines, award-winning designs, and robust software at the highest levels of R&D that focus on people and service.

Download our corporate brochure to know more about our product portfolio — from entry to high-end level mixers, shakers, and dispensers.

FFM Asia Corporate Brochure

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