SK300 Shaker

Looking for an innovative shaker to complement your dispenser and enhance output? SK300 is the perfect partner for your unique blending needs. A simple and sturdy design makes SK300 suitable for all point-of-sale outlets with low to medium turnover.

Loaded with a host of benefits, SK300 is built to handle a capacity of 35kg effortlessly. The robust chassis, running gear, and multi-can capabilities offer high performance, flexibility, and variety. You can now handle peak volumes with a speed of 680 shakes per minute.

Every feature in the machine elevates operator friendliness and ease of maintenance. The LCD display with easily adjustable mixing time helps reduce operator errors. Our removable panels with differential and adjustable auto clamping deliver optimal results.

SK300’s top-notch safety features make it an ideal choice for businesses. A firm power switch on the side and an easily accessible emergency stop switch allow users to gain control of the blending process. In addition, you can request voltage adjustments at the time of placing the orders.

Leverage the convenience and stability of SK300 to get value for your money.

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