Innovative, inquisitive, and insightful – since 1988

Published on: 03 October 2022
Written by: Marketing Communications
Innovative, inquisitive, and insightful – since 1988

IDEX has grown exponentially by expanding existing businesses and acquiring new ones since its birth in 1988. Its founding ideals, which still serve as pillars of strength today for each of its businesses (such as FFM Asia) today, are being agile, entrepreneurial, and customer-focused. The core of what we do is serving our customers, and that is our top priority. We approach the difficult, applied technology problems our customers face with creativity and curiosity. Our expertise, vision, and culture serve as a strong, stable foundation.

Keeping customers at the core


At FFM, we place equal emphasis on our customers, employees, and shareholders. We understand that each of these significant stakeholders is inextricably tied to the others and that the best strategy for long-term success is not to overserve at the expense of the others.

What enables us to succeed is paying attention to what counts and, internally, we refer to this as adopting our principles of 80/20. Great teams and talent, as we are aware, are the secrets of our success. When these skilled teams come together and devote themselves to resolving our clients’ issues, we truly prosper.

As we lead and manage our organization, we are just as concerned with the ‘how’ as we are with the ‘what’. We are deeply anchored in our values of trust, teamwork, and excellence and are steadfastly devoted to establishing a culture of integrity and performance throughout all of our activities.

The IDEX difference


What we refer to as The IDEX Difference is the idea that great teams which embrace 80/20 are just as committed to servicing our customers.

We operate with an upside-down structure as opposed to a traditional one where all efforts and actions are directed upward toward the CEO at the top — our clients and staff who serve them are at the center of all we do, thanks to our servant leadership approach.

Servant leadership understands that rather than senior leadership, our front-line employees are closest to our clients. Hence, they comprehend client needs better and can accomplish remarkable results when empowered and supported. This doesn’t mean that employees are not accountable to their managers. Rather, managers should actively work with their teams to understand and address barriers that are keeping their teams from their full potential.

Every day, our executives in all our businesses across the world gather their most important team members and ask them one simple question: “What do we need to do to win for our customers today?”

​​Our rich legacy of innovation, cutting-edge technology, best-in-class solutions, faster response time, unmatched quality and support, unwavering determination, and long-term relationships with valued customers is what helps our customers stay ahead of the curve.

Expanding our network to continue serving better


At FFM Asia, we are committed to driving business growth through dedicated distributors especially chosen for long-term, sustainable business development. And in order to do so, our distribution expansion focuses not only on larger markets but also on the smaller ones across the globe.

As a leading provider of paint tinting solutions, we continue to build our impressive network of certified channel partners across strategic locations in Asia. By picking these channel partners in their respective countries, we have remained in sync with our guiding motto of expanding our footprint, creating a larger market, and ensuring easy availability of our robust and much sought-after products.

Some of our products newly introduced across global markets include

  • X-SMART: 16 canisters, water-based, universal, solvent-based
  • GX300: Fully automatic clamping, intelligent mixing, faster diagnostics, and remote management
  • X-PROTINT®: 16 canisters, bi-directional, universal, and water-based solvents
  • SK300: Lowest loading height, intuitive 3 button operation, 3 pre-set mixing times, and automatic clamping

The expertise of our various channel partners paired with our customer-centricity and high-quality products ensure a long-lasting and strong collaboration — a mutually beneficial one. While our channel partners can now leverage our globally renowned products, we expand organization-wide by catering to a larger customer base.

At FFM Asia, we have been setting the standard for innovation, dependability, and service for over 30 years when it comes to providing professional paint tinting solutions worldwide. We offer a full selection of paint dispensers, mixers, shakers, and software suitable for many applications. Our products are created while considering the trends in various local markets — always keeping our customers’ needs at the forefront.


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