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X-PROTINT XL automatic dispenser - Dispensers

  • Sturdy metal body
  • Compact size
  • Maximum of 32 canisters

X-PROTINT XL is a high-performance automatic sequential dispenser of universal and water-based colorants offering the best output at limited investment. It offers very accurate and reproducible tinting solutions and is highly reliable and very simple to operate. For a muscularly built device, it has a surprisingly low power consumption.


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Technical data


  • Automatic sequential
  • Universal and water based colorants
  • Bi-directional turntable


  • Patented optimal stirrer design
  • Click-on-click-off


  • 24 Canister variant: 9X1.3l + 12X2.3l + 3X4.6l
  • 32 Canister variant: 16X1.3l + 16X2.3l


  • 43ml Piston pump
  • Flow rate 0.5l/min
  • Minimum dispense 0.077ml


  • Air tight - Integrated nozzle closures
  • Nozzle cleaning system - passive brush

Can table

  • Manual can shelf
  • Optical can sensor
  • Loading height 25cm

UPS Specifications

  • Load capacity 660 Watts/1100VA
  • Single output
  • Surge protection
  • Average 50 dispenses* per day

Dimensions and weight

  • Net HWD 123X82X87 cm
  • Filling height 115 cm
  • Net weight 139kg

Maintenance and operations

  • Low level (only purge and brush clean)
  • Ease of use
  • Minimal operator training
  • Dust and rodent proof
  • Flood resistant up to 40cm
  • Low TCO


  • Easy to use desktop application PrismaPro2
  • Local language compatible
  • PrismaRT mobile app compatible


  • Turntable speed automatically reduces when the door is open


When you order options or accessories, they both allow you to personalize your machine to your specifications. Options are factory-installed features and you will find them built in to your machine when it arrives. Accessories are supplied separately and have to be mounted during or after the installation.

Below is a list of the available options & accessories for this product.

Maintenance kit

Maintenance kit

A handy kit containing all the essentials to keep your X-SMART in tiptop condition all year round.

UPS/Battery Backup Support